Interview with Tao Porchon-lynch

admin | 10:25 am | August 29, 2012 | Yoga


Totally blown away and inspired by Tao Porchin-lynch, the worlds oldest yoga teacher!

At 94, Tao is more exuberant than most of the so-called “youngsters” I know. Since hearing about Tao, I have become friends with her on Facebook and enjoy looking at her pictures and following her posts. I am a firm believer that we really can get better with age and that growing old is merely a belief that gets us there. So I decided to ask Tao about how she keeps herself young, vibrant and happy. I am delighted to learn that drinking wine is one of Tao’s enjoyments. Cheers to you darling Tao, you rock my world!

Could you tell me a bit about your dietary habits? For example, what does a typical day look like? Are you vegetarian etc?
Yes, I’m a vegetarian. I never eat meat because I can’t kill anything. For breakfast I have a half a grapefruit. People say I eat like a bird. That’s a good example how to feed the body. In the U. S. we eat too much which creates a heaviness in the body and stifles the energy.  I usually skip lunch and have some vegetables or soup for dinner.  I do love milk chocolate and wine!

What do you believe is the key to a healthy diet?

Don’t eat too much. Eat slowly. I eat mostly fruit, fruit juice and green vegetables. The juices of fruit cleanse my blood stream. Too much water washes out the good nutrients. I don’t drink water. I like cooked greens as well as salads. I’ve never liked large portions of any food.

What forms of exercise do you do? Just yoga or do you practice anything else and how often?
Stay away from calling yoga exercise.  It is the linking up of body, mind and spirit. Get in tune with your inner self with yoga. Learn to breathe and you will open up the door for what you want to do.  Yoga is part of my life every day. When I can’t sleep at night I get out of bed and practice yoga.

What attitudes do you think can help people live longer, more energetic lives

Use the life force to activate the body, tune into the inner energy of the breath. Know that each action of your heartbeat is the inner life force. Watching the dawn makes everything in nature pulsate with our life. Renewal of the life force makes us aware of it.

Any other pearls on what some of your secrets are to having so much energy at your age?
Know what ever you put in your mind materializes. Do not think negative thoughts. Keep the body moving at any age. Stagnant muscles cause stagnant minds. Don’t procrastinate. Tomorrow never comes.

Know the secret of life dwells with every  breath we take. Live, live, live. Don’t waste your life restricting. Look how dawn awakens nature and makes the darkness and ignorance of night fade away. Let your body feel the freshness of the energy of a new day. Open up to help your body and mind become renewed! Don’t allow it when you are young to become stagnant. There are so many wonderful things to do and so little time to do them!


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