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Why visit a Dietitian?

Most people are aware of their unhealthy habits, but the reality is most do not know how to go about changing them. A dietician will make a thorough evaluation of your health, which includes asking the right questions, doing measurements and possible ordering blood tests to identify any blood or hormonal abnormalities or nutritional deficiencies. From there an individualized meal plan is negotiated with you, the patient, which means that you get a diet that suites your needs and preferences. A registered Johannesburg dietitian is affiliated with the Health professional Council of South Africa and fees can be claimed back from most medical aids.

A busy lifestyle means that food and nutrition often takes a backseat as people seek out more convenient options. Stress also creates emotional deficits in ones life, which means that food becomes more of a filler and a comfort, rather than a means of keeping healthy. Most modern day illnesses are related to stress and poor dietary habits. The so-called diseases of lifestyle, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer are all mostly preventable through proper diet and lifestyle habits.

Contact Ashleigh on 0828563374

Practice address: Holistic Medical Centre, Jan Smuts Avenue, Dunkeld West

Click here to email Ashleigh or make an enquiry to see a Johannesburg dietitian

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