An Urban Escape: Valley Lodge Spa and Hotel in Magaliesberg

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Valley_Lodge_&_Spa_10455Finding solace in the concrete jungles of Johannesburg can be a rather tough endeavor. Luckily we have the beautiful, historical and mystical Magaliesberg to run away too when the going gets a little rough. Although Magaliesberg has a wide range of accommodations and spas to choose from, you can offer end up feeling disappointed with your selection. If you are going to pamper yourself, make sure you do it right by choosing a place that combines the best of spa treatments, cuisine and accommodation.

I had the luxury of spending a night at the world-famous, award-winning spa and hotel, Valley Lodge. With winter creeping in and a rather rainy evening, we were delighted to get what I would call a very warm welcome. Delicious port and a hot chocolate with marschmellows got me feeling a whole  lot toastier. I was now ready for a hot bath and to check out our room. The room was beautiful and in a gorgeous garden setting overlooking the river. We caught a bit of television and then headed off for dinner. An outstanding buffet of South Africa and International cuisine awaited us. To say I gorged a little on the seafood and wine is an understatement, but when you have a nights rest with all that fluffy linen ahead, it hardly matters.

After a scrumptious and healthy breakfast, it was time to get pampered at the spa. A relaxing full-body massage with divine aromatherapy oils for us feeling rather chilled- the perfect disposition to just relax and soak in the steam baths and hot pools. I also got my face mapped and realized what important steps were missing from my skin care routine.

And is we hadn’t been fed enough, another amazing lunch was served. Happy, full tummy’s and relaxed bodies and minds were now ready to face the drive back to our real lives.

Valley Lodge is a great mid-week or weekend escape, guaranteed to please!

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